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Truck Load FTL

Businesses or people looking to haul bulk items and heavy loads across interminable distances require Full Truckload Services.

As a full truckload carrier, Phoenix Logistics provides its customers with a variety of trucking services. With many years in the logistics business, we are dedicated to offering accessible and affordable trucking solutions to customers across Canada and the U.S.

Our Full Truckload logistics can help with high volume and high capacity needs in a cost-efficient, secure, and time-efficient manner.

Less Than Truck Load LTL

Our less than truckload transportation is a freight service that combines shipments from different suppliers and hauls them together by sharing a truckload.

These goods are considered too small for the Full Truckload but too big for standard shipment.

At Phoenix Logistics, we offer less than truckload solutions that help manage the budget without compromising on speed. Over the years, we have completed hundreds of daily LTL shipments, earning a reputation as a highly reliable LTL transporter.

If the supply chain requires a dedicated solution, we guarantee capacity for your LTL freight. Our industry experts will create a cost-effective road freight solution based on the exact requirements of a client.

Expedite Hot Shot

As a leading logistics company in Canada and the U.S, Phoenix Logistics should be the go-to company for expedited freight services and hotshot loads that require fast delivery.

Our expedited trucking options include team drivers, the use of food-grade certified trailers, and refrigerated transportation for any hotshot transporting needs. Phoenix Logistics is always ready to handle and manage any hotshot loads, even on brief notice.

The experts at Phoenix Logistics also specialize in claim reporting, shipment tracking, and we always treat the products as our own.

You can trust Phoenix Logistics to get your hotshot loads on time.

Same Day Services

At Phoenix Logistics, we don't enjoy playing the waiting game. That is why we offer a variety of same-day delivery services to all our customers.

Our dedicated fleet of straight trucks, reefers and Dry van is one of the fastest nationwide. Regardless of the size or weight of your package, we are more than happy to help.

By using our fast same-day delivery service, you can get items with a faster turnaround time compared to other companies. The impressive speed of our fleet and cheap same day services could also put any company a cut above the competition.

Tailgate Services

We have a large fleet of tailgate trucks of different sizes, suitable for shipments of different shapes and sizes. This lets us serve different clients from business owners to professionals who might not have adequate tools to load large items. Simple ramps usually don't work well because they might be too steep for this purpose. Most trucks have a high ground clearance and forks or power tailgates are the safest way to load or unload heavy packages quickly.

Inside Delivery

We understand that our customers may have specialized delivery requirements such as inside delivery from/to floors other than the ground floor. Phoenix Logistics is proud to offer inside delivery service to our customers with access for deliveries to job sites, construction sites, private storage facilities, shopping malls, and trade shows.

Driver Assist

Driver-assist service is commonly used when a distribution center receives a trailer or container that has a product that needs to be handled before it can be put away. Some distribution centers require the truck driver to help unload the product or they impose fees if the product is not ready to be put away. Most trucking companies hire a company like Phoenix Logistics to prepare the product. This is called a Driver Assist Load. We do this on-site at your customer's distribution center or at your warehouse and prepare the outbound loads before they are shipped out.

White Glove Service

Phoenix Logistics is one of the most reputed White Glove Transportation service providers. Phoenix Logistics is expertly servicing the logistics needs of many industries dealing with high-value products. High-value product transportation involves shipments that are unique by nature, requiring precise handling, special equipment, and highly trained personnel to execute delivery properly and securely.

With Phoenix Logistics' white glove safe and secure pick up, transport, and delivery, shippers can effectively cater to the unique needs of their customers. The specialized white glove fleet is equipped with handheld computers and cellular communications, as well as GPS tracking devices to monitor and report the shipment status.

Auto Transport & Marine Transport

If you are looking for reliable car shipping in Canada and the United States, Phoenix Logistics can help you. With years of experience handling vehicle transport in Canada and from and to the United States, we know that a high-level of care, security and quality service are the most important aspects of shipping your car.

Gain peace of mind by working with Phoenix Logistics for all your marine transportation needs. We offer a cost-effective, reliable solution and quality services. We are able to transport freight, materials and construction machinery almost anywhere in Canada, thanks to our strategic positioning in Montreal.

Cross Docking & Storage

Cross docking improves transportation services by unloading products from incoming trucks or containers and then immediately preparing these products through specific labeling and packaging, for outbound shipping and order fulfillment. Cross dock systems eliminate the storage aspect of the distribution and logistics process, as your product never moves into the warehouse any further than the staging area of our facilities.

Contact Phoenix Logistics Today for Cross Docking services.

If you would like to know more about our cross docking services and how it can help to improve your business, please contact us today.

Refrigerated Services

Looking for refrigerated transport services companies? Reliable reefer trucking companies like Phoenix Logistics are just a call away. Contact us today to find out more about our refrigerated trucks and receive a free quote!

Phoenix Logistics is based in Montreal and we provide transport and logistics services across Canada and the US. We specialize in refrigerated transport service, and our rigorously maintained fleet of refrigerated trucks has made us a trusted carrier for the food and beverage industry.